Amazon Gift Cards: Effortless Ways to Earn for Your Shopping Spree

It’s astonishing how you can effortlessly score Amazon gift cards through various means. With these free gift cards, you practically have the power to purchase almost anything without denting your regular paycheck.

To earn these complimentary Amazon gift cards, you can engage in a plethora of quick tasks online. If you’re ready to accumulate those freebies, let’s explore the following options.

How to Snag Free Amazon Gift Cards

Given the multitude of methods to acquire free Amazon gift cards, let’s delve into all the options so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie stands out as a legitimate survey site where you receive daily survey invitations, meaning you can earn those free gift cards sooner.

While some sites offer only a couple of paid surveys per month, at this pace, getting an Amazon gift card might take a year! For every survey completed, you earn points, and once you reach a $10 balance, you can cash it in for a free Amazon gift card. Besides gift cards, you can opt for cash through PayPal and transfer it to your bank account.


Swagbucks is one of the most renowned ways to earn free gift cards online. It’s like getting free money.

Activities that can earn you points include:

  • Taking surveys online
  • Playing games online
  • Shopping online
  • Product testing
  • Web searches

Beyond these tasks, you can also earn rewards by watching videos and completing micro-tasks for points. With Swagbucks, you can effortlessly make money in your daily activities. In other words, you don’t have to change a thing to earn money unless you join the platform. Once your balance hits $3, you can get a free gift card. Few part-time gigs on the internet offer rewards at such a low balance. On other sites, your balance might need to reach $10 to snag a gift card.


With over 5 million members and more than 50 years in business, LifePoints is a substantial player in the field. The company encourages members from various countries, making it a great option if you reside outside the United States. You can earn rewards and cash from around the world!

Paid surveys cover various topics, from questions about movies you’ve watched to current events. Additionally, you might get invitations to test products. On this site, you won’t ever feel bored.

For every survey you complete, you earn points, and reward options include Amazon gift card codes or other free gift cards.

Opinion Outpost

For surveys, you might also consider Opinion Outpost. In most cases, each survey takes only 10 minutes or less. Additionally, you can start redeeming rewards when your balance reaches $5.

You can also participate in a quarterly $10,000 reward draw. Each attempt to take a survey gives you a free entry to the draw. While you need to fill out a profile with some basic information, you won’t qualify for every survey. Instead, you need to fill out a brief questionnaire to see if you qualify each time.

Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos I-Say rewards you for answering surveys and even pays you for testing products. As a loyalty reward, you get a year-end bonus for every survey completed. With this bonus, you might be able to earn up to 600 extra points, which you can exchange for a free $5 Amazon gift card.

Apart from surveys and product testing, you can participate in Ipsos’ free contests. Yes, every time you earn points, you get a free entry. For instance, you can win extra cash or a free vacation through these contests.

The site even offers online discussion boards and communities you can join. Additionally, you can use it for research while shopping online.

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Perhaps you’re familiar with Nielsen, the world-famous statistical company. Well, they not only monitor TV-watching habits but also want to understand your internet habits.

Simply install their app and get rewards for your regular internet use. They provide free Amazon gift card reward options. With Nielsen, you can enter a $10,000 monthly draw. Plus, you can earn tokens for playing scratch-off games to win more money.

It’s straightforward—install an app and go about your day as usual. Thanks to this site, getting Amazon gift cards has become even more straightforward.


Toluna is a hybrid survey site and social media platform where you can also test products. In fact, Toluna offers more product testing than most survey sites.

You can interact with over 10 million Toluna members on the platform, participate in online games, and engage in friendly competition.

Finally, you can redeem points for gift cards, including Amazon gift card codes, or cash. Toluna is free to join, with no fees to maintain membership.


PrizeRebel lets you start earning money in 10 seconds. You can even get points for watching ads, and they pay points for online surveys and product trials.

Regarding gift card redemption, you can get a $2 Amazon gift card on PrizeRebel, one of the cheapest rewards possible on the platform. The site claims you can earn rewards ranging from $0.50 to $500 for participating in surveys. It also asserts that an average of 32 different product tests are available each month.


Another major site that pays for your opinion is InboxDollars. They pay for participating in surveys, watching videos, playing games, and shopping online.

Plus, you get a $5 bonus just for signing up! PayPal cash is one of the site’s redemption options.

Additionally, you get bonuses every time a friend you referred earns money, and you also get bonuses from their friends! After paying over $80 million in cash rewards to users, InboxDollars is one of the most popular money-making sites on the internet.


YouGov asks for your opinions on people, movies, brands, and current affairs, and you get a welcome bonus of 2000 points ($20)!

With this bonus, you can get a free gift card or cash. Surveys usually pay 250 points, and when your balance reaches 5000 points ($50), you can cash out.

The platform claims to be a trusted partner for various brands and media organizations. According to their partnerships, users help shape the news by participating in surveys.

Amazon Trade-In

Try Amazon’s Trade-In store, where they even accept items you didn’t buy on Amazon!

Amazon can buy back items like:

  • Gaming consoles and video games
  • Kindle e-readers
  • Books
  • Wireless devices
  • Tablets
  • Smartwatches
  • DVDs
  • Music

For instance, Amazon is willing to buy a DVD I own for $15. A few years ago, I spent $18 on this DVD!

However, on other buyback sites, I might only earn a few dollars for the same movie. This is a quick $15 I can spend in my Amazon Prime account.

Perhaps selling your old books to BookScouter might be more profitable. On this site, you can see buyback prices from over 42 vendors. Don’t forget to get a second quote to sell your used electronics.

After all, other tech-centric sites might offer more rewards for your non-Amazon devices.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a creative way to earn extra income through online tasks. It’s free to join, and most tasks take only a few minutes. For example, many paid surveys are university research. The questions posed in these university studies are different from most online surveys.

Overall, they seem more personalized, and you won’t answer too many questions about personal brands.

You can choose to redeem rewards for cash or free Amazon gift cards. So, this might be your new favorite way to get free Amazon gift cards by engaging in various online tasks and surveys. Pick the method that suits you best and enjoy the extra shopping fun!

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