Top 10 Opportunities to Trade Your Old Electronics for Money

Are countless old tech devices like phones, gaming consoles, and tablets cluttering your space? Today, it’s a breeze to dispose of these electronics and earn some fast cash in the process.

From platforms that buy your old belongings to physical stores, we’ve assembled a guide to venues that not only fit your schedule but also offer you an opportunity to capitalize on your unused gizmos.

Places to Trade Your Electronics

Take a look at our pick of the top venues to sell your dated electronics. Note that while some pay cash, others offer store credit or gift cards. Choose what suits you best.


SellCell offers a simple option to fetch you the best price for your used electronics. Key in the device you plan to sell and they generate a list of top buyers for you.

Besides phones, SellCell also accepts:

  • Tablets
  • Gaming equipment
  • Smart tech for homes
  • GoPro
  • Wearable tech

Choose your item, view the list of prospective buyers, click the get paid button and SellCell directs you to the chosen buyer for transaction completion.


Decluttr makes it smooth to dispose of your unwanted electronics, video games, tablets, cell phones, CDs, and DVDs. If you prefer the app, it has a bar-code scanner that ensures accuracy in listing your items.

You won’t spend a dime for shipping your items to Decluttr, and you will receive payment via PayPal the day after they receive your items.


Swappa allows sale of gently used smartphones, laptops, gaming systems and other electronic items. They do not facilitate purchase of dysfunctional items – only those in good working order can be listed.

There’s no requirement to pay listing fees. However, Swappa will charge a nominal fee after your item has been sold. As clarified on their website, their seller fees are considerably lesser than those charged by eBay or similar platforms.


Gazelle purchases your electronic items, but focuses on limited brands. They primarily handle Apple, Samsung, and Sony products.

Post receiving an offer from Gazelle (usually in less than a minute), provide your details and the company will send a box for free shipping of your item.
Upon receipt, the product undergoes detailed inspection. If it matches your description, you’ll receive your full payment. In case of discrepancies, they’ll provide a revised offer with a reduced price.


eBay proves to be an effective marketplace to offload used electronics. Even defective items can be sold for parts or might interest refurbishers and resellers.

It’s advised to thoroughly check reviews when buying and selling on eBay. Better the reviews, the less likely you are to encounter trouble while transacting.

Remember to factor in listing, selling and shipping costs while deciding your pricing.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a newer addition to the list of platforms for selling your items. It aims to provide a safer environment than anonymized sites like Craigslist. Check your local neighborhood and community pages to sell off your items.

Local sellers may use terms like PPU (Porch Pick Up). Simply leave your item on the porch, agree on the pick-up and payment methods (Zelle, Venmo, PayPal).
Bonus: Selling on this platform doesn’t require you to pay any fees.


OfferUp recently merged with Letgo. You can list your electronics or other items for sale for free, with no subsequent selling fees. However, always practice safety measures when meeting potential buyers.

OfferUp operates across all fifty states with presence in numerous cities in each state.


Craigslist is a popular choice for selling electronics and a myriad of other items. It provides an open platform to list practically any electronic item available for sale.

Even faulty items might spark interest in the right buyer, and the platform doesn’t charge listing or selling fees.

Safety measures such as public meet-up places and informing others about your whereabouts are advised when dealing via Craigslist and similar platforms.
Refer to our related article for more information.

Gadget Salvation

Per their website, Gadget Salvation purchases almost any kind of electronic item in any condition. The list includes laptops, cell phones, smartphones, gaming consoles and so on.

Once you receive and agree on their offer, they’ll provide a pre-paid shipping label for you to pack and send your item.
They aim to process your payment within a day after receiving your merchandise, though the amount may appear in your PayPal account within 48 hours.


EcoATM provides an intriguing alternative to sell used electronics. Their procedure involves one of the over 2700 U.S. EcoATM kiosk locations.

Once you deposit your device into their system, they assess it and make a cash offer.

You’ll receive instant cash if you accept the offer. If you decline, your device will be returned. As of now, EcoATM only accepts smartphones, tablets, and MP3 players.

Concerned about stolen phones being sold at an EcoATM kiosk? The system requires every seller to provide a valid ID, a thumbprint and be photographed before any payment is made.

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