11 Creative Ventures You Can Launch with Your Smartphone and Card Reader

Seeking a part-time gig that can be set up quickly? No worries! With just a smartphone and a card reader, you can kickstart earning extra income today, without investing in pricey payment devices or business software.

Whether it’s offering mobile car washes, pet waste cleanup, or delivering meals, these 11 part-time ventures are sure to provide you with creative, enjoyable, and lucrative opportunities. All you need is your phone, a card reader, and your determination.

What Part-Time Ventures Can You Launch with Your Phone and a Card Reader?
Here are 11 suggestions, and if you’ve got more ideas, be sure to drop them in the comments. May your endeavors be successful!

Pressure Washing

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and cleaning aficionados, pressure washing can turn grimy buildings and houses into shining masterpieces. After purchasing a pressure washer and familiarizing yourself with its operation and maintenance, you can transform decks, driveways, and trash bins into fresh-looking features.

Junk Removal

If you’re passionate about hard work and simplifying others’ lives, junk removal could be a perfect fit. You’ll need a reliable truck and a set of tools, but more importantly, you need the determination to tackle any job.

Home Organizer

Home organizers are the unsung heroes of mundane lives. For those detail-oriented individuals with an eye for interior design, home organization could be an ideal part-time gig. It requires suitable storage solutions, the ability to assess client needs, and a passion for helping others tidy up their lives.

Mobile Car Wash

If you’re meticulous, pursue excellence, and have a passion for cars, mobile car washing could be your ideal part-time venture. With a reliable vehicle, a set of tools, and basic car cleaning and maintenance knowledge, you can turn heads on the road.

Event Photography

Event photography is the best part-time gig for creative souls capturing life’s moments. With the right camera, understanding of light and composition, you can offer valuable services at local festivals, trade shows, and various events, preserving beautiful memories.

At-Home Stylist/Barber

Licensed stylists or barbers can turn their skills into a part-time gig by bringing salon or barbershop services to clients’ doorsteps. Especially relevant in times like the pandemic, this approach allows professionals to earn more by serving more clients and receiving additional tips.


For those skilled with their hands and able to quickly assess client needs, a crafts service is an excellent part-time opportunity. This job requires understanding various home repair and maintenance tasks, providing a chance to serve the community.

At-Home Personal Trainer

Being a part-time personal trainer is perfect for those passionate about health and fitness. With knowledge in exercise science, nutrition, and various workout types, you can create customized plans for clients, making a positive impact on their lives.

Pet Waste Cleanup

This is not just a part-time job; it’s a mission. Perfect for pet lovers who want to turn their passion into profit, it requires a reliable vehicle, some tools, and a passion for getting hands dirty (metaphorically). It’s an opportunity to make a positive impact in the pet lovers’ community.

Home Cleaning

If you love keeping things organized and desire to help others create an orderly, dust-free living space, part-time home cleaning might be your ideal job. You’ll need a reliable vehicle and the necessary tools, but more importantly, you’ll need an eye for detail and knowledge of different cleaning techniques.

Meal Preparation

For those who love cooking, have a passion for nutrition, and want to help others maintain a healthy lifestyle, part-time meal preparation could be an ideal job. You’ll need a well-equipped kitchen and knowledge of creating balanced diets, but more importantly, you’ll need the determination to plan and prepare a significant number of meals.

Time and Income Expectations

We’ve made rough estimates of the time required for these jobs and the potential income you might earn. Please note that these figures are approximate, and the actual situation may vary due to factors such as geographical location, service demand levels, and individual experience and skill levels.

How to Accept Credit Card Payments with Your Phone?

Accepting credit card payments with your phone is now straightforward. Square is your best bet as they have no monthly fees and simple, transparent pricing. They offer three options:

Free Magstripe Card Reader: Quickly and securely swipe credit cards on your mobile device with their free magstripe card reader.

Contactless and Chip Reader: Priced at $49, this reader accepts chip cards, contactless (NFC) cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. The rates for Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are the same, at 2.6% + 10 cents per transaction when customers tap, insert, or swipe in person.

Tap to Pay on iPhone: Additionally, Square’s app offers tap-to-pay functionality, allowing customers to pay with their phones. The rate remains at 2.6% + 10 cents per transaction.

By consolidating these three options into a centralized platform, businesses with part-time owners can easily accept payments at someone’s home without any hassle.

Time to Take Action

Whatever your passion or skill, the possibility of starting a part-time venture is endless. These are just eleven ideas, and once you start taking action, you might discover even more choices.

So, whether you want to earn some pocket money on weekends or gradually turn your part-time gig into a full-time venture, there are many ways to quickly launch your business using just your phone and a card reader. Seize the opportunity and take the first step today!

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