In reality, brokers try to offer traders demo account in forex market with a view to allowing traders to experience forex trading market. Certainly, in terms of demo account, you do not need to invest your real money because you are trading with virtual money. It would be better for traders to utilize the best demo account at the beginning because they will have a deeper insight into forex market as well as the best forex brokers 2019.

Basically, forex market can be seen as a decentralized market in which brokers will have their own price feeds on their trading platforms. However, some of the trading platforms of forex brokers are unique and have some distinctive features, including negative and positive sides. Offering traders demo account is really essential because traders should get familiar with trading platforms in forex market as well as applying their own trading schemes.

It is obvious that using demo account help traders test trading platforms, trading conditions, and their own trading strategies. It is crucially important for traders to find the best forex demo account because it will make traders enact all essential trading functions like setting up alerts and creating stop-loss orders. On the other hand, it gives traders a good understanding of the charts and how can they get the information  in order to make effective trades.

With the aim of choosing the best demo account, traders need to pay much attention to some basic steps. The best demo account should be the one which offers traders instructions and makes them test their trading strategies.

By testing their strategies, traders will be able to make wise transactions when it comes to real forex accounts. In addition, traders also need to check their trading styles in forex demo account. After checking their trading styles, they can determine exactly whether their trading styles are suitable for them or not.

As some aforementioned above, forex demo account enables you to familiarize with trading platforms as well as testing your trading strategies. Nonetheless, experts reckoned that trading with demo account is not good enough for you to be an expert trader.

Additionally, traders sometimes do not try to take demo account into consideration because they are trading with virtual money. It is apparent that all traders want to gain real profits in forex market instead of virtual profits. However, it should be noted that traders have to trade with demo account in earnest because traders might lose their expectations when they trade with real accounts.

According to some forex traders, we should transfer to micro account after experiencing demo account. However, we should not invest a lot of money at the beginning because of the lack of experience. We should make small investments and then invest more money when you have enough experience.

Thanks to demo account, traders have a chance to test forex trading platforms and understand how forex market really works. The best forex broker should be well matched with your trading styles as well as offer you instructions and support. It is the fact that using forex demo account only does not help you prepare for your real-world trading. It is highly recommended that traders should use micro account after utilizing forex demo account. By following some aforementioned steps, I ensure that you will be able to minimize risks when it comes to real-world trading.

These are top 4 forex brokers with the best demo account in forex market at present:

  1. Exness minimum deposit
  2. XM
  3. FXTM
  4. Hotforex account